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Every month, grandparents receive a heartwarming newspaper with photos and stories from the whole family.

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Let’s see how it works

1. Upload photos and stories


In the course of the month, family members use the app to upload photos alongside short stories

2. We create and print your family journal


Sit back and relax! We take care of creating your family journal, printing it and mailing it.

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3. Delivered to your grandparents mailbox


At the begining of each month, your grandparents will be delighted to receive their family journal in their mailbox

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What people say about Hug Letters

love iconHug Letters has been a godsend for our family! My parents live across the country, and this monthly family journal allows us to share our lives with them in a heartfelt and personal way. They look forward to receiving their family journal every month, and it brings them so much joy.
  • Emily T.

    Emily T.

    New York

  • Linda P.

    Linda P.


  • Sarah M.

    Sarah M.


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Monthly newspaper

One family journal printed and mailed every 4 weeks
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30 photos per journal
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About us

From our family to yours


Welcome to Hug Letters! Our journey began with a desire to stay connected with our grandparents, living far away. From our heart in Chicago, we craft custom newspapers filled with love and memories.

It's our joy to extend this heartfelt service to you and your family, making every month special.

- Gabriela Flores & Martin Gouy

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